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To succeed in today's world, brands need to break through the noise. Come out on top by understanding how key consumer segments feel about your brand and where you rank against the competitors in your industry.

Reliable Industry Insights with Latana

Latana is the first industry insights solution that puts quality at the forefront. Our research team and technology work to ensure relevant data is immediately available to use by your team, and data confidence is highlighted across the dashboard. Our navigation is intuitive and further exploration of data easy.

With key insights into 100s of industries and 1000s of brands worldwide, there is something there for everyone with Latana.

Industry insights that are relevant 
and easy to understand

Beat the competition with a clear understanding of what is happening in your industry. Latana offers the 3 most relevant KPIs that every leader needs to make actionable & strategic decisions: Brand Awareness, Market Sizing, and Purchase Drivers.


Discover the most well-known brand in your industry

Brand awareness measures what share of consumers knows your brand. Understanding brand awareness is the most important ingredient to a successful marketing strategy. We enable you to track brand awareness levels for your and all your competitor brands across age, gender, income level, education level, and location.

uncover your potential for growth

To grow in your industry, you need to understand the total number of potential buyers for your product. Our industry insights trackers help you easily understand market size across the adult population and the consumers considering buying a product within your industry.

Learn more about consumer purchasing intent

Accurate data on purchase drivers can help you position your brand within your industry. Our insights will show you how strong purchase drivers for your product/industry are when it comes to improving brand performance.

All your industry insights in one intuitive dashboard

Tired of long PDF reports that are confusing and include limited insights? With Latana, you can slice and dice data in the way that makes most sense for your brand. We provide all your industry insights in an easy-to-use dashboard where you can effortlessly see how your brand is performing and freely segment the data into additional insights.

Continuous delivery of industry insights

Large research teams take a long time to deliver minimal results. Latana’s industry insights are continuous throughout the year, meaning that you get the most current and relevant data delivered directly to your dashboard when you need it.

Latana guarantees 100% quality data for your industry insights

Our team of experienced researchers and data scientists have created a reliable industry insights platform using tried and tested methodologies to ensure data you can trust. This is how they do it:


  • Mobile-optimized surveys
  • Global ad-tech infrastructure

We use the latest in global ad-tech infrastructure to reach over 6 billion smartphone users globally. Use our global ad-tech infrastructure to access truly organic and casual audiences in the app-based ad space for authentic and representative brand opinions.

  • Precision
  • Accuracy using MRP

Our advanced techniques guarantee reliable data for our users. Feel safe tracking your brand's progress knowing our methodologies produce lower margins of error and quality insights that are more closely aligned to real-world changes.

Case Studies

See how industry leaders are using Latana to improve brand performance.

Round framed illustration of a man and a woman next to magnifying glass

Blinkist improved the performance of their TV campaigns and brand awareness

N26 Hero

How N26 reached a new niche audience and grew their market share

Hero Headspace

Headspace replicated successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth

Interested in

industry insights
for your brand?

Check out what we have to offer.

Smarter Tools. Better Marketing Decisions.

Latana is the only brand tracking tool that provides accurate consumer insights from 100+ countries worldwide in one intuitive dashboard.

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Advanced Technology To Fit Your Brand Tracking Needs

Customizable Insights

We provide unprecedented flexibility in exploring brand data by letting you define what matters the most. Customize your dashboard to fit your needs using combinations of geography, time period, KPIs, brand, and audience segments.

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Easy Access To Data

Our intuitive dashboard provides easy access to all brand insights and enables you to easily prepare reports and run ad hoc research.

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Flexible Segmentation

We give you access to highly granular data so that you can understand how niche audiences perceive your brand.

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Coming Soon

Industry Benchmarking

Latana provides a range of industry benchmarks so you can see how you stack against competitors, industry averages, and top performers. Use the metrics to easily analyze your successes, failures, and areas needing improvement.

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How We Do It

Mobile Surveys

Our mobile-first micro-surveys allows us to easily reach over 4 billion mobile users in 100+ countries worldwide. They are designed to ensure faster and more reliable results with unprecedented accuracy and granularity.

AI-Powered Analytics

Our technology separates signal from noise and uncovers real world changes ensuring 90% lower margins of error across niche audience segmentations. We detect the difference between outliers and real-world effects to provide reliable and precise results.

Instant Access to the Perception of Millions

We're here to help brands make better marketing decisions by delivering world-class, scalable insights.

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