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Delve into our brand tracking data to discover how top global brands are performing with key target audiences and against competitor brands in their industry.

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Brand Performance Data For Key Industries Worldwide

Want to know how some of the world's biggest brands are performing, and how they fare against the competition? We reached 1000s of respondents with Latana to map core brand KPIs, such as brand awareness and brand consideration, to give you the answers.

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Brand Bite: Spotify

Get in-depth insights into the performance of audio streaming brand Spotify and find out which consumers it's successfully connecting with in 2022.

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Brand Bite: Geico

Take a deep dive into Geico's brand performance to learn how the American insurance giant is faring with consumers and what brand associations it has in 2022.

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dating apps

Brand Bite: Hinge

Hinge is one of the biggest dating apps in the market with a focus on long-term relationships, but how do its own relationships with consumers shape up?

Brand Bites Veganz Thumbnail SEO
food & drink

Brand Bite: Veganz

Explore the brand performance of this popular German vegan brand and see which audiences are its top fans in 2022.

Brand Bites Freeletics Thumbnail

Brand Bite: Freeletics

Freeletics is one of Europe’s biggest fitness apps, but how well does its brand perform with consumers in its native germany? Let’s find out!

Brand Bites We Buy Any Car Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: We Buy Any Car

We surveyed 1000 people in the UK to determine their brand perception of We Buy Any Car. Here's what we found across different target audiences.

Brand Bites Bumble Thumbnail SEO
dating apps

Brand Bite: Bumble

Download to learn more about the brand performance of Bumble and discover which audiences are this feminist dating app's biggest supporters in 2022.

Brand Bites Orion Thumbnail

Brand Bite: ORION

Learn about German sexual wellness brand ORION and how the brand performs in this growing industry. Our latest video has key audience insights.

Brand Bites Bolt Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: Bolt

Download to learn more about the brand performance of Bolt and discover which audiences are are loving this e-mobility brand in 2022.

Brand Bites Hims Thumbnail SEO
health & wellness

Brand Bite: Hims

Download to learn more about Hims' performance and discover which audiences are most engaged with this D2C male healthcare brand in 2022.

Brand Bites tinder Thumbnail SEO
dating apps

Brand Bite: Tinder

Take a deep dive into Tinder's brand performance to figure out how this mega-popular dating app is doing with various target audiences in 2022.

Brand Bites Eve Thumbnail Website Grid

Brand Bite: Eve Sleep

Deep dive into Eve Sleep's brand performance to understand the different audience segmentations driving the luxury mattress brand forward.

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