Reach and Understand Niche Audiences

How N26 reached a new niche audience and grew their market share

N-26 Case Study - Hero

Founded in 2013, N26 is a fast-growing online bank which challenges the original brick and mortar institutions. It’s mobile banking application is leading in Europe and also expanding into the United States and the United Kingdom.


N26 Wanted To Understand Specific Audiences

N26 is already a leading online bank in Germany. However, they wanted to further understand several niche audiences to expand their reach and market position. They specifically needed to understand brand perception and awareness for the student demographic. It was important to them to compare this audience’s perception of N26 against both online banks and traditional brick and mortar institutions.

N-26 - woman with a fishbowl
N-26 - woman with a fishbowl

N26 Turned to Latana's Audience Segmentation Solution

N26 utilized Latana’s Brand Tracking solution to dive deep into their audience segmentation. Latana provided them with the capability to execute hyper-targeted messaging. Utilizing Latana’s MRP (Multi-Regression and Poststratification) Algorithm, N26 was able to target a very niche audiences within a specialized vertical to understand the nuances in consumer behavior that would drive their brand and marketing strategy.

N-26 Case Study - dashboard
N-26 Case Study - dashboard

N26 Was Able 
To Drive More Targeted Messaging

N26 was able to gain a well-rounded perspective on where they stood within a niche audience and utilize this information to help them grow in other markets as well. They were able to apply an adaptive approach to make the right investments in the right markets for their niche segment, thereby saving time on their go-to-market strategy as well as brand and campaign spend. Latana provided them with the capability to execute hyper-targeted messaging.

learning-that-fits-into-your-life-l@2x-3962d1d22647e1ba97d242dba23387ea (41)
learning-that-fits-into-your-life-l@2x-3962d1d22647e1ba97d242dba23387ea (41)

“Because of Latana, we were able to bring a high-tech approach to audience segmentation, finding niche audiences for our core German market. We gained insight into where we stand against competitors and are now using this information to become even more competitive in the fin-tech space.”

James Crease,

Head of Research and Insights at N26

Key Findings

Icon Education
Audience Growth of 20%+

N26 was able to focus on a niche segment (students) and utilize brand KPIs to execute hyper-targeted campaigns and grow its audience by over 20%

Icon Perception (2)
Growth in Germany & the US

Brand awareness levels in Germany (home market) that show its niche audience has grown in addition to gaining market share in the US

Icon - Target
Increase in LTV

N26 was able to grow LTV (lifetime value) of its niche audience by utilizing a hyper-targeted approach based on the Latana Brand Tracking Algorithm

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