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Tackling the Challenges of Measuring Brand Perception

Explore the common pitfalls of traditional brand tracking methods and the innovative solutions that can provide marketers with the actionable insights they need.

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Joy Corkery

Head of Content Operations

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Reach in small markets

Gain reliable brand insights in hard-to-reach markets like Norway, Kenya, and Peru with our in-ad surveys, reaching over 3 billion people daily. Fast, cost-effective, and accurate, our approach revolutionizes brand tracking in small markets.

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Nico Jaspers


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Brand Strategy

10 Essential Steps to Build A Brand Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

A well-defined brand takes time and effort, but it's essential for the success and growth of your business. Find out more here.

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Alain Glaeser

Growth Markter

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Brand Deep Dives

How Personalization & Consumer Insights Made Care/of A HealthTech Industry Leader

Care/of has managed to make its mark as a healthcare tech brand in just under 6 years — so what can other brands learn from their story? Find out here.

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Cory Schröder

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Brand Awareness

5 Ways Companies Are Utilizing AI in Digital Marketing to Enhance Customer Experience

AI has been pushing boundaries for years now in all fields, including the digital marketing space. Let's look at a few ways AI is used to enhance customer experience.

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Eva Bouchard

Content Writer

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Brand Marketing
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Can AR Save Brick and Mortar Stores in 2023?

Over half of US consumers prefer to shop online. Can augmented reality help attract shoppers to physical stores?

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Marilyn Wilkinson

Digital Marketing Expert