Mental Health


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to mental health.

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What This Report Explores

Once a taboo topic, consumers now want, and even expect, brands to show empathy and speak out 
regarding mental health. Nonetheless, mental health is 
a sensitive topic, and not every audience has the same attitudes and expectations.

We conducted extensive research using our brand tracking technology to explore consumer attitudes 
and expectations around mental health.

Our insights are designed to help you craft a narrative around mental health that enables your brand to 
deliver the right message, to the right customers, 
in the right way.

A Sneak Peek Into the Report

Rounded illustration with boy and a girl in light purple background
71.2% & 69.9%

of Millennials and 
High Education target groups are the most open to brand narratives around mental health

Round framed illustration of a woman on a light purple background

of females say 
mental health is 
“very important” 
to them

Rounded frame illustration with many people

of respondents 
would most like to see 
brands partner with 
outside organizations