The Gen Z Consumer
Preferences Report

Get vital insights into how Gen Z consumers feel about a number of important issues and topics in 2022.

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What This Report Explores

Gen Z, Zoomers, the "internet generation" — all monikers for those known as Generation Z. Comprising around 2 billion people worldwide between the ages of 10-25, Gen Z is set to be the most diverse and best-educated generation yet.

Digital natives that have never known a world without the internet, Gen Z spends a great deal of time online, with many being active users on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Similar to their direct predecessors, Millennials, Gen Z has strong opinions on many social and political issues and, as a whole, they're a good bit more progressive than older consumers.

In 2022, brands that aren’t aware of what’s important to this generation will struggle to forge connections. Thus, by taking a deep dive into how Gen Z feels about a wide variety of important issues, this report should help brands build more informed, effective branding strategies to target Gen Z consumers going forward. Download now to learn more!

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