Report 2022

Get vital insights into consumers' preferences for digital communication in 2022, in our report that explores the best channels for communicating with different types of consumers and the best methods for starting a conversation with your target audience.

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What This Report Explores

How consumers choose to communicate with brands is constantly changing. Of course, different audience types have always had different preferences but the rise of social media has seen a real shift in the channels that brands can engage with and the types of conversations they can have. We surveyed more than 1000 consumers from across the US to find out how brands should interact with their target audiences over email, social media, web-based chat, and phone calls.

Our latest report uncovers the preferences of a range of audience types and sheds a light on the burgeoning possibilities for brands when it comes to engaging with audiences on digital channels. There's no reason for your brand to be shy with our Digital Communication Report 2022. Download it now!

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Learn everything you need to communicate with consumers 
in the most effective way in 2022

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Discover which groups prefer 
to communicate with brands 
over social media

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Find out how 
different generations 
feel about chatbots

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Learn what drivers 
compel consumers to 
reach out to brands