Consumer Insights
Report 2022

Get vital insights into consumers in 2022 in this report that explores the online purchases drivers, aspirations and values of a range of different segments from Gen Z to urban consumers.

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What This Report Explores

The last two years have seen some major shifts in 
how consumers think, feel, and act on a range of different issues. From the rise of remote work to the growth of online shopping, no industry has emerged unscathed 
from the upheaval caused by COVID-19.

Our latest report aims to get you up to speed with consumer attitudes in 2022 so that you can align 
your brand with your target audience. You’ll learn what influences different demographics during the online purchasing process, how they feel about investing in mental health and wellbeing, and whether consumers 
are happy with their work-life balance.

Demystify modern consumers across a range of demographics and download the Consumer Insights Report 2022.

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A Sneak Peek Into the Report

Rounded Frame with man in grasses and a beard in yellow background

of Gen X are dissatisfied with 
their work-life balance

Rounded frame illustration with people orange-purple

of the general population want 
to socialize more in 2022

Rounded Frame with girl in fuchsia background

of Gen Z have purchased from 
a brand via a social media platform