A Marketer's Guide to: The Mattress Industry

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What This Guide Explores

The mattress category is more competitive than ever. 
Consumers can visit a traditional brick-and-mortar bed brand, order a mattress-in-a-box online, or purchase from a homeware megastore like IKEA! With so many options available, it's vital that your mattress brand stands out.

But this is an industry with a host of unique challenges! The polar opposite of fast-moving-consumer-goods, the average consumer only purchases a new mattress once every 9-10 years. How can your brand stay relevant to consumers with such a drawn-out lifecycle and is it possible to encourage them to renew sooner? 
Are consumers content to purchase online or do they need to try 
a mattress out beforehand?

This guide will provide answers to these questions and more, with helpful insights into the best channels to advertise on and detailing important consumer trends — with two exclusive case studies on Mattress brands using Latana’s very own brand tracking data.

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Why Brand Tracking Matters

Learn about the current size of the mattress market
Discover tips on how to market your mattress brand both on and offline
Gain access to exclusive data on two upcoming mattress brands