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Michael Metcalf

Michael is a content strategist and freelance writer from the United Kingdom. He writes about marketing, psychology and productivity for B2B, SaaS, and technology brands.

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Latana x Zillow [Thumbnail]
Brand Deep Dives

What Can Zillow’s Story Teach Us About Brand Growth?

Zillow is a giant of the real estate industry — but it recently hit a rough patch. Find out what you can learn from this innovative brand’s growth story.

A figure standing in the metaverse [Article Image]
Brand Strategy

Diversity in the Metaverse: What Role Will Virtual Influencers Play?

Virtual influencers are on the rise, and metaverse become more popular, they'll serve as an important bridge between brands and consumers. Find out more here.

Woman carrying a suitcase on a yellow background [Thumbnail]
Brand Marketing
Brand Strategy

How Travel Brands Are Capturing Gen Z Consumer Attention

2022 brought economic woes — but Gen Z didn't stop traveling, and they continue to play a huge role in keeping the travel industry afloat. Find out more here.

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Illustration of man sitting on a broken lightbulb [Thumbnail]
Brand Strategy
Brand Insights

What We Can Learn From 5 Product Fails

Not every product is a smashing success — some go up in flames (literally). Read on to learn about 5 products that failed & the lessons we can learn from them.